Gallery 96 Stratford Ontario 2018

Gallery 96 in 2018

Help renew the Gallery for our 44th year! An artist run gallery for contemporary Art, we’ve been around since 1974.  The gallery has been on a hiatus in recent months having left our location at Factory 163.   We hope to renew the gallery and become active again for the benefit of local visual artists and the community.  For Artists: Are you looking for a group of artists to assist in growing your art practise.  Since it’s founding the gallery has encouraged dialogue among artists, members, and audiences. Everyone:   Do you know about some upcomming event the gallery could participate in to help us in our 2018 vision and to benefit the organization holding the event? Do you have an idea for the gallery to become an active agent and a positive force in the Visual Arts in Stratford.  Current status: Gallery 96, is currently without a gallery space, and have left our work space at Factory 163.  We are looking for pop-up venues, or empty storefronts for various terms occupation.  If you have an idea for a space the members could access to make art happen in Stratford please drop us a line at: ideas for gallery 96 Please click here for more information on the history of the gallery
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Email:   P.O. Box 21108, N5A 7V4

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Gallery 96 is looking for new artist members.  Please email us at: Are you a fan of art and of the gallery over the years?  We are also looking for volunteers to help us renew the gallery.  If you are interested in helping please contact the gallery as above. 
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